Long Ball Leeds Stumble Again

My last post started with a pop at Warnock, but this time I’ll do the opposite. During the weekly ritual with Eddie Gray, Colin rendered the phone-in pointless as he so acutely picked his way through every frustration of the twenty-odd thousand fans who grimaced their way through the game, starting with a reference to Robinson’s kamikaze defending and ending with a feeling of despondency over Connelly’s irresponsible late challenge. He simply left nothing to be said. It has become clear the ‘major surgery’ Warnock referred to may extend to those part of the so called big five currently undergoing contract talks – Snodgrass, McCormack, Clayton, White and O’Dea.  Losing one or two here for a few million may help Warnock bring in the five or six players needed to lead the charge next year.  Even before yesterday’s debacle, Warnock has hinted at some unpopular outgoings in the summer.

Performances across the park were abject throughout. Take Brucey for example, while he deserves some credit for putting his head where it hurt, his lack of presence and composure contributed to a nervous looking defence. Even the experienced Robinson was guilty of a defensive error you wouldn’t expect of a YTS lad. Brown and Clayton went AWOL (to coin Colin’s phrase) and were offered few outlets by the largely ineffective Snodgrass and White. Is ‘Project White: the Winger’ born out of stubbornness from Warnock or are we all missing something only he can see?

Up top, Becchio toiled against a stubborn Hornet back line and his second half effort was sulky and absent.  Even on the rare occasions we made some head way out wide, Luciano was nowhere to be found in the box. The only two players who can hold their heads high were Lonergan and Nunez. Lonergan could do little about the opener, but did well against later efforts from Deeney. Nunez meanwhile deserves credit for a lively cameo performance. In a match characterised by poor footwork, sloppy passing and limp finishing, he managed to show a few flashes of the international quality he possesses. This doesn’t mean Ramon is the answer to our ailments – these glimpses need to be sustained over ninety minutes and for a run of games – but he certainly put his name in the hat for a starting spot against the Royals.

So after a month where experience has prevailed, with rejuvenated displays from the likes of Brown, Connelly and Robinson, it seems youth will be making a resurgence against Reading on Friday. Time for Thompson et al to show us what they’ve got.

Reporter Jimmy Neal

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  • mikey

    Warnock is no miracle worker!!!
    We need 12 new players next season. The lack of investment over the past 4 years is now haunting us all.
    Whilst Bates remains in charge we will NEVER reach the Premiership whoever is The Manager.
    Heartbreaking!!! I started watching LUFC in 1968 and have never seen a worse squad than we have now.
    It is a hopeless situation and for what we pay to watch this dross I find myself wondering why I still go go games home and away when this has been the least enjoyable season I can ever remember,
    We have no hope with the current regime……None!!

  • Tare

    LEEDS UNITED for me is more than a note in newspaper, net or PDA. I have seen this team doing some miracles via less powers to have. 1991-1992 last 1st division CC and huge complain for it, from scum circles. Next season we will be there if everybody believes in it!