Brian McDermott Exclusive Interview


Brian McDermott has been taken in by the Leeds  fans as one of their own, there’s no doubt about that. There is a mutual understanding between the fans and himself at what he is trying to achieve at Leeds; it may not happen overnight but a road is already being paved long ahead of where we actually are at the present.

Daniel Howard and Matthew McKeith had the privilege of meeting the boss in person for a chat last Thursday. We say chat as we wouldn’t really call it an interview; Brian was very relaxed and open in speaking about the club but never centered it on what ‘he’ was doing, he stressed that it is a team effort here, he wants everyone to be together (the fact he doesn’t like closed doors says it all).

Whilst on the pitch we are still striving for consistency, off it we seem to have found a nice place in-between. I’m sure most of you would have seen a McDermott press conference in which he speaks with total control and you seem to believe every word he’s saying, he just comes across as a very likeable guy, something we managed to witness face to face.

It was a fantastic day for us at the website, our only regret is that we didn’t have time to ask the 400+ questions we received from the Twitter world from you our followers! We thank you for the tweets (some were extremely amusing) but unfortunately Brian just didn’t have all day.

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  • Steff

    Just read that BMC admitted Norwhich City are looking at Mowatt……….it all sounds too glib, thats it for me, ive had enough, 35 years supporting the club……and are you seriously asking me to watch the only bright sparks in the team become Leeds talismans only to be sold at the end of the season like all the other talent weve had in recent years……. We dont and wont replace it and we seem to have absolutely no ambition whatsoever !!!!

    • DAVE

      relax mate nobody is going anywhere……

      • Steff

        your pretty naive then…..

        • Dave

          did you watch the interview?

          • steff

            You mean LISTEN….oh yes…..the boss mentioned he liked Mowatt ….and ??? As soon as 5 mill is offered, he will be sold by GFH and despite what many leeds fans think that quality wont be replaced…. as it hasnt been in the past

          • dave

            if you WATCHED the interview on Sky last night BMc acknowledged Norwich scout was watching one player in particular obviously Mowatt – then basically told him to keep looking – Bates is gone we wont sell best players anymore – think back to start of season McCormack and Middlesboro we should have taken their 2million and run.

          • Irving08

            But we still loan players out who, in my view, merit a run in the team; I am thinking of Aidy White, of course. Eddie Gray thinks he is the best left back at the club, at any rate prior to the signing of Warnock. My hunch, after seeing Warnock’s mostly mediocre dis-plays, is that he would say the same now; I would. BM is a likeable and persuasive man; but he is as fallible as the next Manager. I think we should all remember this.

          • Steff

            Irrelevant, Mowatt is signed for 2 years, he needs to be signed up for longer asap and we need a guarantee from GFH that they wont cash in on our youngsters. BUT you wont get that, why ?
            Because there will be offers they WILL accept for these players. Cue Leeds fans saying “we can invest that back into the team”, that’s rubbish, a) half the cash is in instalments and some wont be used on the squad anyway b) Name a team that’s benefitted from selling its young talent, especially a championship club ? replacements do not grow on trees and we would be selling them because they are viewed as exactly the type of quality we need to gain promotion. So to summarize, selling these guys would be complete insanity as the kids are the ones who would adapt to the premiership if we ever got there. Agree about White, I think he could have done it for us if he was given a proper run to bed in.

          • Jezaldinho

            They will only sell Mowatt if an offer comes in that’s too good to refuse. Doesn’t matter who you are, if an offer comes in that’s worth significantly more than the actual player’s worth then it will be accepted. Look at Bale to Madrid. Just because Spurs accepted it doesn’t make them a selling club. The offer was too good to refuse. Simple as that.
            Leeds won’t sell Mowatt unless an silly offer comes in, at which point he’ll be off, same as just about any other club in the world.

            The key difference is that Bates would sell a player for LESS than he was actually worth – just to liquidize the asset and pocket the cash. GFH won’t do that. But stamping your feet if a big offer comes in from a bigger club is naive.

  • eric

    I know he likes open doors but ffs turned off after 3 mins the background noise doing my head in, people talking, typewriters clicking all you where short of was helicopters overhead and some vuvuzelas. Use your heads next time ffs. You should post up the Q and A as would be nice to read it but too painful to listen to sorry.

    • RITGK

      Sorry to hear this Eric. We did ask midway through the interview but as you can imagine we couldn’t have the door shut. Shame you didnt enjoy it because of this. We always make sure we ask them questions that differ from your standard journalist ones.

  • Rusty

    Great interview. The man commands respect of the highest order. I love Big Mac, Nails and Redders. Keep them GFH!
    Utter sense.
    People may lambast the club about ambition and so on, but there is no structure in some areas of the club. Plenty of stuff needs sorting yet but onwards and upwards!

    • RITGK

      Well said Rusty

  • gombeen man

    I can’t see BMD selling Mowatt – I think he will nurture and develop talent, as long as the owners let him. I think he has ambition, and is a sound bloke too. Give him a bit of time and he will get Leeds back in the Premiership. I don’t think it will be this season, but the next. Bloody hell, we’ve been down in the nether regions of the League for long enough, what’s one more year?

    Thanks for getting the interview, lads. Good work

  • yorxman

    All we need now is a decent scouting set up cos that Lithuanian blokes played 2 development games and conceded 6 goals!

  • f grace

    Look at the top clubs in our league there midfielders score goals who of our midfielders is going to score the goals for us no way no Austin no Bryan no no way no Pugh just no creative scoring players loved the shoots of we worked all week for this we turned up you team did not