Cellino Slams Redfearn in Public Once Again


After that bizarre, 75 minute press conference on Thursday, we are now waking up to see Cellino has been talking to the Daily Mirror about the future of Neil Redfearn. Clearly talking to Redfearn himself isn’t high on the Italian’s agenda.

Cellino once again spoke of his upset that Redfearn wasn’t at his ‘welcome back party’ last week – Redfearn wasn’t even invited, nor anyone at Thorp Arch, as it turns out.

It’s been obvious for a while Redders is on his way out, nothing positive towards the head coach has ever come out from the club, who have instead chosen to undermine him on numerous occasions instead.

Cellino was asked if rumours of Gus Poyet being lined up to be the new head coach were true:

I can’t say who. This new coach is angry, he wants revenge – just like me.

Implying he has already chosen Redfearn successor.

The ‘manager-eater’ then spoke of the cycle he goes through with managers: “With managers I fall in love and when I fall in love, I give love.”

We are yet to see any of that love being shed towards the current man in charge; he also missed out the bit where he then envies the attention a successful head coach gets, he hates them, undermines them, isolates them. Then sacks them.

Just when you might have thought the 58 year-old owner had done throwing his toys out the pram, for now at least, he went on to ironically label Redfearn “a baby”.

He tried to play the fans against me. Neil Redfearn does the salute. He challenged me. If you are good I can accept the challenge. But not if you are a bad coach. Do you think that Neil Redfearn loves Leeds more than me?

Tell me why I am in Leeds, why am I so involved with the club? Why am I putting in a lot of money, killing myself? Because I fell in love with this club. But to love this club is to do something for this club.

The reality is the fans made their own mind up a long time along about the egotistical Italian; whilst Redder’s has always defended Cellino and always stuck up for him.

On behalf of every single Leeds United fan, Massimo, I can categorically say Neil Redfearn does love Leeds more than you, not that it should be a contest. Neil Redfearn has been brought up on Leeds and knows what it means to be Leeds. Massimo Cellino is a convicted fraud, who has been in Leeds for little over a year. He has publically stated that if Leeds are not in the Premier League by 2017 he will sell the club – does that sound like someone who loves Leeds?

The 30,000+ fans at Elland Road on the final day of the season love Leeds – where was Cellino that day? At Morecambe, supposedly watching a player and definitely because he doesn’t trust anyone else to do a job for him.

Yet another unnecessary farce at Elland Road, created by the board.

Reporter – Alex Mulvey

  • Leeds1920

    Spot on, I just wish he could/would read these views. He is mental and we just have to wait for the day he leaves.

  • David Lockwood

    Really crazy stuff!

  • Pete

    I think all that ranting and foaming of the mouth is indicative of Rabies.

  • http://inthebackofthenet.com/ mrbigwheels

    Cellino just loves a gunfight at the OK Corale.
    Who will eventually shoot the Sheriff?. I wonder?.

  • madman

    The so called daily mirror hates Leeds,so why the fuck would he talk to them. It seems to me he is pushing Neil to quit knowing he faces a big backlash off the fans if he sacks him.Yes Massimo Redfearn does love Leeds more than you and if your daft enough to take us Fans on you Loose big time.

    • http://www.rightinthegarykellys.com RITGK

      He will talk to any press outlet which pays the most. He doesn’t care. What make us laugh is that he slams his coaches in the past for talking to much to the press. Think back to Brian McDermott.

  • Bucephalus

    I agree, Barnsley legend Neil Redfearn loves the club more than anyone – he does the leeds salute remember! I want to sing his name, just like i want to sing the name of all those other legends who ‘love’ the club – Harry Kewell, Alan Smith, Danny Mills, Gary Kelly, Peter Ridsdale, Brian McDermott! You are so niave its beyond belief.

  • Spaces1999

    Unless you have silly money to throw at a club, you need stability to build something. There’s no chance of that with this guy in charge.