Cellino’s – Rumoured Managerial Shortlist Revealed


Sunday morning’s papers made for unwelcome reading by most Leeds United fans. Massimo Cellino’s gamble that a mere look at the league table would tell Leeds United fans all they need to know about their Head Coaches ability was badly wrong. His personal slights on Neil Redfearn’s character have been met with a dignified silence by the Yorkshire man. One wonders whether Cellino would have the nerve to call Neil Redfearn a baby or weak to his face. Man to man.

Life goes on though, and Massimo Cellino appears to have already sourced his favoured successor, someone ‘Angry’ who like him ‘wants revenge’ – revenge for what? Angry about what Massimo?

With such a maverick at the helm you wouldn’t be surprised if General Zod turned up as our next manager, smarting from his latest defeat at the hands of Superman? Or Perhaps the Norse God Loki, hell bent on revenge against the mighty horde of Asgard. One things for sure the appointment will doubtless be about as left-field as it gets.

If we are beginning to follow a pattern now, looking at last summer we are at the second step – isolate coach and publicly bad mouth him step one `make it impossible for the coach to work’ has already been achieved and effectively nullified any chance of us getting into the top 10.

Step 3 though is the most worrying. Last summer we spoke about the likes of Steve Clarke, Gus Poyet, Simon Grayson, Eamonn Dolan, we all know who we ended up with though god help us.

As per last year we’re all looking at rational targets, Poyet, Warburton, and Adkins. But Joe Kinnear is angry too no doubt, and Dave Bassett likewise big Ron Atkinson? You just don’t know with Cellino. His plaintive cries of midnight crying will hold little water with most Leeds fans who’ve spent most weekends in tears since he arrived, and unproductively searching Wikipedia to find out who the dickens he’s just signed?

Would Gus Poyet, Nigel Adkins, Harry Redknapp (he is available you know & has experience of insane club owners) be prepared to waive their rights to choose the players the club signs? Would they be happy with the security of tenure offered at Leeds? Would you?

Big names will be attracted to the job, but once in the pressure cooker at Leeds it’s a different ball-game, sadly not football.

Last week’s press conference was painful to watch. Ever-Professional Adam Pearson had the look of an embarrassed father in law at a wedding as the drunken best man revealed his relationship some years ago with the bride. Had he had the opportunity to start chain smoking and leave youd be sure that he would have done. He of course had to wash / clean the floor (or something) first however.

Massimo Cellino’s upcoming tax cases in Italy and the investigation by the FA into his transfer dealings will of course ensure his focus is taken elsewhere and one can only hope that in those absences Pearson really will take control of the situation wholesale. Isolate the nearer do wells in the changing room, deal with informants and acolytes causing unrest in the boardroom. This can really be our only hope of stability.

Cellino has made a rod for his own back with his personal insults in the media to Redfearn one imagines a tribunal would have a field day, he’s also put the good work done at the academy at risk. Not only will there be no one in charge if Ward and Redfearn go, but the challenges made to the issue of running costs, and productivity seem way off beam. How on earth on the one hand can he praise Cook, Byram, Phillips, Taylor, Mowatt – and then lambast an unproductive academy – one which has Coyle, Dawson, Phillips, Walters, Grimes, Killock, Skelton all waiting in the wings and by all accounts as able as their aforementioned group?

Why tear down that institution and the work it’s done? Any manager incoming would no doubt be at great pains to replicate what Redfearn did by bringing through some of England’s best young talent. Byram and Mowatt need not say no to an offer from Liverpool or Arsenal, Cellino really does need to think this sort of thing through before shooting off his mouth.

And so we wait, pensively, hoping for a Poyet, but expecting a Joe Kinnear or a Glenn Roeder. Just when will the madness stop.

Reporter – Matthew Brown – Bolton

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  • Mike Wragg

    It’s so frustrating that we seem able to do nothing other than sit idly by and allow this lunatic to carry on the work of Bates and GFH in dismantling our great club.
    Not only is it almost inevitable that the best of our young players will be sold for a much lesser combined sum than they would generate if they stayed at the club and got us promoted, but the very essence of Leeds United is being washed away by wave after wave of Cellino’s egotistical outpourings and inept managerial decisions.
    The culture and identity of the club forged by Don Revie and Billy Bremner, and subsequently epitomised by Wilko, Batty, Strachan, Smith, Hughes et al over the last four decades and more is being replaced by a conceptualisation in the public consciousness of Leeds United as a pathetic, bumbling shambles.
    Another couple of years of this and what took two generations to establish will be replaced irrevocably by the justified image of a selling club of perpetual lower league struggles.
    It’s clear for all fans of Leeds United to see that there have been a number of epoch-defining moments in the club’s history beginning the with appointment of Revie who, needlessly to say, set the tone. The later eras of Wilko, O’Leary and Grayson may not all have realised their respective potential but they were all characterised by the same spirit of togetherness and determination, or ‘side before self’ if you will, for which the club had become renowned.
    Redfearn may have his detractors, but I can’t envisage a better opportunity to rekindle that club-defining spirit and ethos than by employing a manager who is not only a self-confessed fan, but who has a seemingly Revie-esque affinity with the players who have the capacity in both ability and character to be the next Bremner, Jones, Batty, Speed, Radebe, Kelly or Smith. Ok, maybe not Bremner, but he was a one off.
    My children are now 11 and 13, and aside from the promotion from league 1, which they witnessed but can scarcely recall, have obviously had very little to celebrate and a huge amount to commiserate.
    I’ve exhausted the entire supply of DVDs of past glories and in any case, to the mind of an 11 year old the league title triumph of 1992 happened somewhere on the historical timeline between Harold getting an arrow in his eye and the dinosaurs going extinct. They still cling onto the hope that Leeds will once more be victorious, but I think more so for my sake than out of any genuine sense of belief. And I can’t see that lasting for much longer.
    I hope beyond all hope that we are not witnessing the terminal demise of Leeds United at the hands of a man without the intelligence, integrity, ability or common decency, not to mention determination and strength of character to wear the scarf, never mind give the salute or own the once great club.

  • Nomis Norseman

    Mathew, this whole saga will end when Massimo sells the club & resides back permanently in Miami. Massimo appears to be schizophrenic & as such is not capable of rational thought. He should seek medical advice when he returns to the states. Preferably tomorrow, before he damages the name of the club anymore.

  • John Cassidy

    Guy’s an utter headcase… hope the tightwad sells up before he puts us back in League One.
    F*** off Cellino. Time to go.

  • David Shapiro

    Cellinos behaving like a paranoid schizophrenic with psychotic tendencies.im embarrassed as a lifetime supporter by his behaviour and in particular the way Neil Redfesrn and Thompson have been treated .ive not renewed my season tickets yet after 50 years …