David Haigh Speaks Exclusively to Right in the Gary Kelly’s


It’s been nearly eight months since Right in the Gary Kelly’s  scored our first exclusive with GFH Capital. Time has moved on an awful lot since that misty December day. Becchio scored twice to finish off Middlesbrough in a side fashioned by Neil Warnock. We had a different Chairman and 10,000 or so less fans turned up to that game than Saturdays win against Brighton.

That of course is the tip of the iceberg. BBC Radio Leeds are now commentating on our home & away matches again, we can buy replica shirts in the city centre for the first time in six years, we have a new CEO in Paul Hunt, not to mention the new manager.. oh, and we all love supporting Leeds United again.

Matthew McKeith & Matt Brown-Bolton visited the now Managing Director David Haigh in the East Stand Boxes on a glorious West Yorkshire summers morning, to share a chilled energy drink and gaze wistfully from those lofty spaces at the bowling green pitch.. shortly afterwards that eerie silence was torn up by 34,000 frenzied fans.. the future’s looking up – So what was David’s take on matters?

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  • Tare

    Well David Haigh has done this that we wanted the most; sack Ken Bates. During this summer of 2013 well huge movements of the pitch!! GFHC has some business know how for sure and season starts with a win well what more you can ask for…


    • Irving08

      Like you Tare, I am delighted with a win. But I see no reason for the flattery. GFHC have never built a real business in their collective lives. It is probably be for the best that Bates has departed (however thin the pretext), but with his departure we are now without checks and balances in the power structure. When GFHC open the boardroom to fan representation, then I may accord them the legitimacy they appear to crave. Meanwhile I will restrict my plaudits to the performance of the team our Manager puts on the field of play.

  • http://www.thescratchingshed.com/ TSS

    “Can’t put on record” the hardest task. I wonder…

    Good interview lads. MOT.

    • RITGK

      Hmm wonder who he was on about. Cheers mate.

  • ForeverLUFC

    Fantastic interview. I really feel confident in GFH, they have done many positive things since they took over. Feeling happy to be a leeds fan again, also nice to hear that they’re still trying to recruit players before window closes. Hope this investment for Elland Road comes through soon as well… MOT

    • RITGK

      It was never going to be easy for Ken Bates successors who ever they may have been. GFH have stripped the old era away from the club and got the basics right. Onwards and Upwards MOT!

    • SamZeRealist

      A force to be reckoned with?? More like a piss stained Alzheimer’s sufferer, if he was so big and too big for football then why didn’t invest In our little club buy some little players and get us into the little premier league? The only
      Thing big about bates was his ego and waistline

  • Irving08

    Personally I cannot even listen to these people. Bates was a fool; he could have had most of us eating out of his hand; instead he called us ‘morons’ and insulted us with the East Stand development. But with his Yorkshire Radio and his massive ego he made us feel like the biggest team in the world: I don’t pretend to understand the psychology, but he made everyone feel bigger than they are. At any rate, he was a force to be reckoned with.
    He was too big for us – and probably for the small world that is football. We though appear to be happier with the flattery of minnows. Beware Leeds fans, we have been here before, and it then ended in tears.