Andy Hughes Interview – It was an honour to play for Leeds


When we decided to do one final interview for this season it was unanimous amongst the Right in the Gary Kelly’s team who we all wanted.

We’ve already interviewed some of Leeds United’s greats this year, Michael Bridges, newly appointed club ambassador Dom Matteo, promotion winning captain and current under 18s manager Richard Naylor,  Danny Mills and David Haigh and Salem Patel 24 Hours after the takeover of the club.  But one player in recent seasons embodies the classic `fan on the pitch’ ethos no better than Andy Hughes.

Possibly Dennis Wise’s best signing of all Andy Hughes joined us when we were -15 at the bottom of league one from recently relegated to the championship Norwich City. It was clear Mr Hughes liked a challenge.

This is a man who knows what its’ like to be a Leeds United fan. The man who gave it his all for the white shirt. The man who was part of that famous day at Old Trafford, the man who when the final whistle went at Elland Road of the final day of League one in 2010 instead of running off the pitch when the fans invaded the pitch ran towards the Kop to embrace the celebrations of finally getting promoted to the Championship. Step forward Andy Hughes.

In what has to be the most frank and honest assessment from any player we have interviewed Hughes tells us what it meant to him playing for Leeds United… enjoy!

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  • Daz King

    What a brilliant interview. If only we had a skilful team of Andy Hughes. In the picture, is that Brian McDermott on his left shoulder?

  • Counte of monte fisto

    The man is a genuine legend, if we had 11 players with his attitude we would win the league. The current squad of losers and no marks should be forced to listen to this, could you ever see him laughing after we conceded like Brown did.

    • RITGK

      The man was thoroughly genuine throughout the interview by far the best one we have done this season

  • ropeywyla

    Just like the man says it is, of course, an honour to play for Leeds United and, in the rare case of Andy Hughes, it was an honour to have him play for us.