Bates And Harvey Here Are Your Candidates

It seems as each day passes a new name is thrown into the hat for who is set to become the new man in charge at Elland Road. Two of our writers have come together to share who the favourites  are to take the job and they also share their thoughts on each candidate. Have a read; let us know what you think.

Neil Redfearn

Currently the man in the hot seat and Neil got off to a flying start last weekend with a three nil away victory at Bristol. Seems like a nice guy and undoubtedly has a wealth of football related experience, he has also received the public backing of senior players at the club. Despite having the upmost respect for Neil Redfearn, I do not believe he is the right man for the job. He lacks managerial experience and if the sacking of Grayson is to be productive, I feel we need a complete change of tact, someone who has been there and done it. The manager needs to be the most important man at the club, not the players, certainly not the chairman.

Dave Jones

At the time of writing Dave Jones is the bookies favourite, how? He had vastly more resources and failed to take Cardiff into the Premier League.

Billy Davies

Not a popular figure at Elland Road but could probably do a decent job, has plenty of experience in the Championship and has taken a team to the Premier League. Looked out of his depth at that level though and would not be my choice.

Steve Bruce

No thanks. Decent manager but hasn’t shown the ability to manage successfully on a shoe string in the Championship.

Roberto Di Matteo

Again no thanks, not enough managerial experience for me and to be honest seems a bit wet. We’ve had a couple of Bates mates in charge before and it didn’t work out.

Karl Robinson

The youngest manager in the Football League and no doubt potentially an excellent coach. For me though he lacks the experience necessary and you’d have to question why he would want to leave an ambitious side he’s spent the last two years building, especially to be at the beck and call of Ken Bates…?

After dismissing the above options, here are my top three candidates for the job:

1) Alan Curbishley

Proven at this level and the Premier League, Curbishley could potentially be an excellent long term choice for Leeds United. He has managed on a budget at Charlton and did well at West Ham before falling out with the owners. My first choice but unfortunately there has been little mention of his name in the media so i can only assume he’s waiting for a better offer.

2) Neil Warnock

Another proven manager at this level having won a record number of Football League promotions. Hasn’t really cracked Premier League management but I do think he has it in him to be successful at that level.  Worth employing for his team talk abilities alone (see YouTube). Warnock would not be the players’ mate he would be the boss. We only need to look across the Pennines to see how a football club should be run and if left to his own devices Warnock could lead us back to the Promised Land. I understand he is a divisive figure, the guy everybody loves to hate, but Leeds United is the club everybody loves to hate and that’s when we are at our best. Warnock is a more realistic option than Curbishley and is my more realistic first choice.

3) Lee Clarke

Doing a fantastic job at Huddersfield and plays the right way. He is lacking experience and has so far failed to promote Huddersfield. I do think he would be a good manager but I don’t see him being too different from Simon Grayson and I believe we had a good manager there.

Jeff seems to have covered most of the names linked with the job (of which there have been many). The only name not mentioned is that of Raddy Antic, however despite an impressive CV I’m not keen. Championship football is a world away from the fluid style ofcontinental and international football, and I’d fear for us should he be handed the reins.

My vote goes to Lee Clark. In some respects his arrogance offends me, in others I think it’s exactly what we need. I liked Grayson but his demeanour and personality often had an air of vulnerability, as if to say he had run out of ideas. I can’t help but think this will have rubbed off on the players. Lee Clark is a man who exudes confidence so I don’t think you’d get this with him. It would be a gamble though.

Reporter  Jeff Griffiths and Jimmy Neal 

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    You did ever so well until you mentioned Lee Clark at the end. NO NO NO. He has had lots of cash at Huddersfiled and still failed to get them promoted. If I dont see someone like Warnock or Curbishley I will be asking for my season ticket money back, although I know the answer will be NO!!!! Come on Bates, you love to be hated so lets carry the fashion of everyone hating Leeds by getting a good, proven manager in and taking us to the promised land where we can be hated again for all the right reasons!


    • Right in the Gary Kelly’s

      I would say if you asked any Huddersfield fan if they prefer to go 48 games unbeaten or promotion it wouldn’t take a genius to work out which one. Still believe Bates wont appoint the fans choice just to get up our backs.

  • Acid

    Raddy Antic…. !

    • Right in the Gary Kelly’s

      Unproven in England did have a spell in his playing days at Luton in the 80s.

  • wayne

    well, I say none of the above, my choice is a safer bet, bring Howard Wilkinson back

    • Right in the Gary Kelly’s

      Sgt Wilko? ive heard his name floated around recently. Would be intresting to hear if he was intrested in the job. His been out of the game a while now.

  • aclarke72

    Lee Clark (the draw specialist)? no thanks. Nothing against Neil Redfearn but it would be a big mistake to appoint someone on one result. I should imagine Redfearn has a good chance of keeping the job for the rest of the season because Bates could pay him peanuts.
    For me it’s Warnock all the way even though I’ve never liked him you have to go on his manargerial record and that’s something you can’t argue with. The club would have to wait until he’s been paid off by QPR but I think he’s one worth waiying for.

  • Bubiónwhite

    Raddy Antic with Neil Redfern as his number two … quiet authority with plenty of experience, contacts and knowledge with a promising but inexperienced young manager as his successor. If not … David O’Leary with the same deal.

  • Davyman

    Roberto Di Matteo a bit wet? MK wrongs beaten in semi final play off against sunny scunnie and west brom promoted from championship as runners up. We won’t get him but if you look on line he has a much better win percentage than most of the muppets the bookies are linking us with. RITGK love reading your posts but this one seems a little wide of the target. However if your target was a reaction bang on, hook, line and sinker. Lee Clarke please god NO NO NO. He hasn’t even got the balls to rule himself in or out. Shed load of money struggling to do what Simon did on much less. Appointment on one rsult who knows? wasn’t the late great Don Revie a player manager, please feel free to correct me if I am mistaken.

  • rennie1987

    LUFCMOTNICK couldn’t agree more with you mate, hasn’t achieved anything yet (unbeaten records mean nothing unless you get promoted) despite the money he has spent. Plus (perhaps quite ironically) I dont know why he’d want the job given the relationship he has with his chairman and the financial backing he gets. For me it has to be Warnock all the way. I know I’m probably thinking short term here (he’s currently unproven in the premiership) but he’s definitely got a proven track record in getting teams promoted. Only problem is I dont think Bates would go for him given he is too outspoken (not like the puppet Grayson became). My second choice would be Davies for the same reasons.

  • Jmo

    I want Gianluca Vialli to get it so my bet can get paid out !

    Then to walk out at end of week and get a proper manager in..

    • Right in the Gary Kelly’s

      What odds did you get on JMO?

  • Tyler 75

    Davyman is absolutely right – Di Matteo did a really good job with not much money to spend at WBA and was unlucky to get the push. Would get instant respect from the players, knows all about Bates and plays attacking, possession football which would give us a good shout of staying up if the miracle happened and we did go up. If not him, I’d try and get Dougie Freedman from Palace – worked wonders on less than no money and he could bring Zaha, Clyne & Jonathan Williams with him !!

  • Lorimer Out!!

    Lee Clarke…..No Way. There are rummblings at Huddersfield that despite spending plenty and having discovered Jordan Rhodes at Ipswich Clarke has gone as far as he can and is starting to fall out with a number of his players.
    He is not proven and arrogance alone does not make a manager.
    The list of potential managers makes grim and unpleasant reading. How many are better than Simon Grayson who has been hung out to dry by The Great Dictator?
    Warnock at a pinch. Perhaps.
    As long as Bates remains in charge we will NEVER progress and No manager will work with him for any length of time.
    Heartbreaking but true!!!!

  • Brian T

    With the amount of Leeds players suggesting that Neil Redfearn be given the job, it somehow appears that Ken Bates has given them a tenner each to back the cheapest option.

    • Right in the Gary Kelly’s

      We recently appeared on the We Are Going Up podcast id we mentioned the situation surrounding the fans wanting Neil Redferan. I sense de-ja vu around Redfearn been the fans favourite. When Blackwell was sacked John Carver took the role as caretaker and we beat Birmingham 4-2 at Elland Road on his first game.

      The fans were calling for him to get the job on a permanent basis after that result until the following games we ended up been thrashed 4-0 3-0 etc.

  • Carl linley

    Lee clark? Are you having a giraffe? If anything hes a step backwards from grayson.
    Yes hes improved huddersfeilds squad but with a huge budget with very little to show for it.

  • paddy

    You people sit there and talk about experience like it is the most important thing , I’m sorry to say but I’m tied in with the club and to me a manager needs to be respected by the players , involved, he needs to have passion, and he needs to become the face of the club .

    No one has ever got experience with out starting off as a manager somewhere and to be truthful they usually do the best at the first club because there not stuck up there arse yet and they dont think they know everything about being a manager .

    So to me Redfearn is the one to lead us forward because he is everyone of those and more!

  • Eric

    “Championship football is a world away from the fluid style ofcontinental and international football, and I’d fear for us should he be handed the reins.”

    I guess you never watched swansea last season.

    I would take Antic over warnock in a heartbeat. That being said I would take anyone over warnock. Well except peter taylor that is.

  • LUFC Quej

    I would give it to Redfearn until the end of the season. See how he does. I have already written this season off anyway so nothing to lose.

  • Jeff

    Choices for a permanent vacancy in order are: 1. De Matteo; 2. Poyet; 3.Freedman.Long shot: Redfearn.

    No Premiership has beens, thank you, (which includes Warnock), or nearly men eg Jones or Davies; and no-one below the Championship (Sturrock aside).

  • Lee Davis

    Raddy Antic! He has a much better CV than all of the other managers on the shortlist put together….Is and will be the right man for the job. He won’t get too friendly with the players, just like what Grayson did and that’s why the players didn’t perform and thought they just had to turn up and win because we are Leeds United, but it doesn’t work like that….. Antic will have none of that and will sort out the defence, he will also have a much better backroom staff….and when the time comes will find new and better class of players that will more than hold their own in the Premiership when we get there……

  • GezW

    Comparing Win Ratios of some of those being mentioned:

    Simon Grayson 43.47% (49.7% at Leeds)
    Paulo Di Canio 59.38%
    Robert Di Matteo 49.63%
    Gus Poyet 49.19%
    Lee Clark 49.15%
    Karl Robinson 47.78%
    Paul Ince 43.37%
    Keith Hill 42.75%
    Dave Jones 41.12%
    Alan Curbishley 40.85%
    Billy Davis 40.57%
    Neil Warnock 39.28%
    Bryan Robson 34%
    Gian Franc Zola 28.75%
    Neil Redfearn 17.2%

    Statistics are always comparative and contextual. But I wouldn’t want to risk putting the fate of our great club in the hands of a Manager with a 17.2% win ratio

  • Ross Roberton

    How about Dougie Freedman? or Joe Jordan?

    Forget Antic, he knows nothing about Championship football. We sacked Grayson because we want to get promoted this year.
    Bates will probably only give a 6 month deal anyway, so Redfearn has a chance.

  • Biggav

    I think Shaun odriscol should get the job. Plays fantastic football and did very well at Doncaster on a budget and with a poorer team than what we have!

  • Mighty white. Godzz

    I am in favour of billy Davies – he did a g8 job at Preston but didn’t have the complete backing at Derby or Forest – an individual who sticks to his principal – has experience of play offs- promotion to the promised land but also has age on his side – perhaps we could hav a dream marriage of getting king Lucas on board.

  • Jørn Lundberg

    There are two Norwegians that spring to mind: Kjetil Rekdal, a true White. Currently doing well with Aalesund. And the other, also a white, Trond Sollied, is enjoying great success in Belgium.
    Face it – it is 90% about tactics and sticking to it and 10% about quality players. That is why Norway has done reasonably well at the UEFA statistics.

    Sticking to England, though, there are plenty of other options as well that have not been put forward – Nigel Worthington, having John ‘Shez’ Sheridan (Chesterfield) back wouldn’t be bad and Posh’s Darren Ferguson is always bringing in loanplayers from manu. Would at least suit Bates.

    And finally – why not a Deja’vu – let Brian, sorry, Nigel Clough take the job. He did well at Burton and has brought in lots of quality at Derby. Maybe he can finish what his father started…

  • Ray

    Warnock stands out by far as the best choice. he will stand up to Bates and chuck cups of tea at the players when they dont preform….he would sort us out in no time and bring the missing fans back to elland road. Bates is still the fundamental flaw at leeds but getting rid of him is another problem. Ps Shaun Harvey is also completely out of his depth at Leeds in terms of negociating players deals.

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