Neil Sullivan Interview – ‘You Forget How Big Leeds United is’


Last week we were invited down to Thorp Arch to interview Neil Sullivan; Leeds United’s new goalkeeping academy coach. It was the Thursday before the Brighton game and the training ground was buzzing, at first we did think that it was because of our arrival. Whilst we were sitting patiently in reception observing the countless trophies and pictures of all the players who have made the grade at Thorp Arch, a call comes in and the young lady behind the desk answers. “You’re after a Trial” she said; “What’s your name?” As we sat there with one hand coped around our left ears the receptionist says; “Your name’s……Titus….” Both myself and Dan gave each other a look and cracked a smile. “Sorry Love, you can’t just book yourself a trial.” She put the phone down and looked up at me and Dan, exclaiming; “I haven’t a clue who that was!” Looks as if Tight-arse Bramble is still working hard in his search for a new club!

Finally we were given the nod to head to the press room. Sully was waiting for us and we began talking about his time as Leeds United’s number one goalkeeper. We also discussed the Championship play-off final defeat to Watford in 2006, what it meant to win Leeds United’s Player of the year award, the  fall out with Dennis Wise and if in fact he’s still available  for selection. Yes, there was also a mention of ‘that’ goal by David Beckham and one by a certain Paulo Di Canio. Even our beloved Batty got a mention!



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