Leeds United could be something we all love again


During last season we received a number of requests for guest articles from you the Leeds fans. To give everyone a platform to talk about the club we launched ‘The Fans Corner.’ Our first Leeds fan to the corner this summer is Chris Colley. Chris takes a look at the transformation the club has gone through so far and why we could all end up falling in love with this great club of ours again..

Come what May 2016, literally, let’s face it, us fans will either be being scraped from the roof of Elland Road after being magnetized there through the elation of a top two, top six or top half finish or we will all be bombarding the phone lines of the Samaritans making the staff wish they had opted for a career in Telesales or something else tedious.

All of these emotions triggered by the fact that Massimo Cellino either did or didn’t want not sign Jermaine Beckford, Max Gradel, Luciano Becchio or possibly Joey Barton.

What I will say is, let’s get real folks, we’ve all had these hopes, disguised as expectations, of a magical promotion to the Premiership, a climb to the higher echelons and another Champions League assault followed by obvious world domination, topped off with a buy out of Man U*D, solely with the intention of giving their whole set up a way to gypsy pirates in Swaziland, Or maybe that’s just me?

For the last decade or so our “expectations” have been founded on the fact that, we’re Leeds United, therefor we deserve to be the best, we have a God given right to play at the very highest level.

But come on, think about our past regimes… We’ve had no money, no structure, no direction, no foundations, no stability and no sign of a pulse!

Maybe, just maybe, we are starting to see signs of life from what has been “a club in a coma” when it comes to gathering that structure, that direction, that stability(ish) and possibly even a tiny bit of cash? The start of this closed season, in my opinion, is very encouraging.

Cellino appears to have semi admitted that he can’t do it all and has seemingly surrounded himself with people who have an idea of what football at this level is all about, let’s see if it pays dividends?

The proof, they say, is in the pudding.

We have Pearson, he’s a Leeds fan, bonus!

We have a decent set of back room boys who, hopefully, will see and do what is best for us as a club.

We have irons in the fire commercially which can only mean revenue, which is good, right?

We have Redders back on board so we know the youth will continue to be in good shape… (Until Norwich take him as manager)…

We have some top class youth players, both in the 1st team and the U21s, most on new contracts.

We have a couple of new signings, with a decent possibility of adding more quality in the coming weeks, dependent on wages.

Finally..  Let’s not judge Uwe Rosler before a ball has been kicked, he could turn out to be just what we need.

All in all, we have a genuine case to be optimistic this season, even if we don’t achieve automatic promotion, or a play off win, at least we can be sure that we are certainly heading in the right direction, finally!!!

I know we get this kind of post/article every single pre-season but I honestly believe, come August, that we might have something to be proud of, to love again, to get behind and to forgive if we’re not playing like Barcelona.

In closing, let’s have the boys backs covered, home or away, rain or shine, win or lose! They need us, we really are the twelfth man, and teams should utterly dread playing us, for the fans alone!
We’re getting good press for our support lately, let’s take it to the next level, see if we can get some of the lads crying with pride again, like Andy Hughes.

Anyway, if all else fails, we’ve got Massimo, the craziest chap on the planet to keep us fully entertained… Until he goes to prison. Smile boys and girls, we could have Mr Oysten. On&On..

If you want to cover the fortunes of Leeds United and be part of our fans corner then get in touch with us here. We’ll aim to get back to you quicker than a Steve Morison bleep test.

  • Ropey Wyla

    Excellent article, especially the gypsy pirates bit. MOT

  • Benjamin Peter Richards

    Great rallying call – It can be so disheartening reading the generic, downer stuff re: Leeds United. Can’t wait to see the new kit!