Right in the Gary Kelly’s Podcast – End of Season Review


What better way to pay tribute to this weeks quite frankly absurd events than a 75 minute ramble?

Here at RITGK we remain of course merely interested observers to the Massimo Cellino Roadshow.. but naturally the team discuss the treatment of our (at time of writing) current Head Coach, a man who turned a rag tag bunch of loanees, academy talents and Catania’s full squad (season 2013-14) from relegation haunted no-hopers to a strong mid table proposition, who had his No.2 not been sacked and his transfer suggestions in January listened to, may even have gone one better.

Well – I guess we’re not that impartial?.. of course not,  you’d have to be as insane as a Flour Salesman from Cagliari not to notice the train wreck that this season has been under our current owners influence. We talk through said train-wreck and the burning aircraft hurtling from the heavens above towards its smoldering ruins – in the form of what next season might hold.

Enjoy our end of season review podcast folks. Marching on Together as ever…. Ciao.

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