Right in the Gary Kelly’s Podcast – Must Stay Positive


So here it is, the long awaited return of the Right in the Gary Kelly’s podcast. Almost a year on from our last podcast, we decided it was time to brush the dust off the microphones and discuss the on going circus that is Leeds United*.

It’s been a whirlwind of a year and were just over three quarters of the way through the season so there was plenty of topics to talk about. Like a year ago, listen as we still debate the chaotic ownership we find ourselves in, how much the team has missed that so called ‘Plank of Wood’, we continue the Rosler V Evans debate and highlight United’s on going line of academy products.


*Please be warned that this podcast was filmed prior to Leeds’ back to back wins against Bolton and Cardiff so please ignore the negative comments. We were nearer the relegation zone, I’m sure it can be excused.


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