Episode 7 – ‘The Italian Job’


With so much going at Leeds United since January (most of it not good) it’s been hard to keep up for most Leeds fans. Was David Haigh buying the club with Andrew Flowers? Were GFH selling to Cellino? Was McDermott Sacked? Has he been reinstated now? When will we ever win a game again?

The four bewildered writers of Right In the Gary Kelly’s have been caught up in that whirlwind too, miserable one week, slightly bemused the next.. oh and don’t get us started on Ken Bates’ seemingly Lazarus-like reanimation – that’s all we need.

We talk about matters football in this podcast, with a healthy dollop of the above thrown in, during one of our more  opinionated podcasts. If you can make sense of it – enjoy our eighth episode.

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