21st Oct2013

Poll – What do you realistically expect from Leeds United?

by Right In The Gary Kelly's

We ran an article last week on the weight of expectation at Elland Road. Take a deep breath, sit quietly down – and let it all out – no not that. We mean just say it out loud – what is it that you really think Leeds United can / should be achieving over the next 5 Years?

There are some of the more `demanding’ amongst us who still see us a2 or 3 steps away from securing a champions league involvement with the right investment, others seem to have given up the ghost completely now and are resigned to life between the 2nd and 3rd tiers.

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Somewhere between the two there those who’ll live solely in hope. Hope that we might once again have a dominant team in the Championship, and climb slowly back to the top of football, much in the same way that both the Don Revie and Howard Wilkinson teams did.

One things for sure, if we do get back it may well be like the scene from Back to the Future 2, as a bewildered Michael J Fox re-enters Hill Valley – the Future.. Vast sums of Money are spent which would dwarf most of our own recent big signings. Megabucks owners from the ranks of the worlds richest men seem to pop up in force nearly every season – Just how would we cope back up there?

So cast your vote below – what do you realistically expect from Leeds?

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06th Jan2011

‘One Simon Grayson, theres only one Simon Grayson…’

by Right In The Gary Kelly's

Jeff Griffiths makes his debut for RITGK and  takes a look at  Simon Grayson rise from LUFC reserve player to the manager he is today..