09th Aug2013

Leicester V Leeds – Oppositions view

by Right in the Gary Kelly's

Hi David Wright and thanks for talking to us ahead of the game on Sunday. With both our teams off to a winning start, it’s already shaping up as a promotion six pointer! Without any further ado, I’ll hit you with some questions.


1.     It looks like you guys have had a very quiet pre-season, quite a contrast to the days of Sven, when you were signing half the Championship. Is that because you’re happy with the squad you’ve got, or is it similar to our situation – having to move players out before you can bring more in?

 Nigel Pearson has announced that he’s happy with the current squad, but even if he wanted to bring in players, there’s no funding to do so. He hasn’t ruled out the possibility of loans, in fact we’ve recently been linked with two Arsenal defenders to help out with our new 3-5-2 formation.

2.     How did the pre-season results go? Any players stand out, and any surprise you?

 Luckily in pre-season the results don’t matter, and for us the main thing was to adjust to the new formation, which seems to have worked with two competitive wins under our belt. Jamie Vardy was a turn out for the books, looking hungry in front of goal and with a lot more confidence than in his debut season in the Championship.

 3.     There’s nothing better than a win to start the season, and you managed that by coming from behind at Middlesbrough. How was the performance?

 The first half was appalling possession wise and we were punished by an own goal by usual suspect Sean St Ledger. The second half team talk worked wonders and by the end of the game we could have scored three of four. Two great strikes from Vardy and Danny Drinkwater were very encouraging.

4.     We like to keep an eye on our ex-players, and the game this weekend will see us come up against Kasper Schmeichel again. I always rated him as a keeper, but I also felt HE thought he was better than he actually was. What do Leicester fans think of him?

 Kasper’s one of my favourite players at the club, he’s a natural born shot stopper and he loves playing for City. It’s great having a pair of Premier League standard hands in goal and we just hope to gain promotion this season to tempt him to renew his contract that expires at the end of the year.

 5.     Speaking of ex players, a certain Mr Beckford has now departed your club for sunnier climes. Well, Bolton anyway. He doesn’t seem to have settled anywhere since leaving Leeds – what went wrong for him at Leicester?

 Beckford thought he was the best player at the club, when in reality he was at the same level as the rest of the team but with an inflated wage to boost his unjustified arrogance. It showed in his work rate, he put in minimal effort but Sven continued to play him. It took Nigel Pearson to take him down a peg or two, and made him play for his place, which he didn’t do so was loaned out.

 6.     To complete my ex players trilogy, your old full back Lee Peltier is now our captain. The feeling amongst Leeds fans is that Peltier is maybe a better central defender than a full back, despite that being his natural position. What did Leicester fans reckon to him in his time there?

 When he first came we were excited by his prospects, after playing well in League One for Huddersfield. With every poor game we put it down to him “adjusting to the Championship,” but we were often left a man down at the back with him in an attacking position. I, for one, was thrilled to find out he transferred to a rival league side.

 7.     Leicester have been a bit of a bogey side for us down the years. I remember you knocking us out of a cup, despite us leading in injury time, and I also remember you beating us 3-0 when a certain Mr Ferdinand made his debut for us. What’s your most memorable game between the two sides?

 The 2003/04 season in the Premier League when we beat Leeds 4-0 at home. I remember an absolute screamer from Lilian Nalis that shocked every one in the stadium. The annoying thing was that the Leeds fans never stopped singing; the fourth goal didn’t even shut you up.

 Our 1-0 win in League One with Steve Howard’s injury-time goal was also pretty special, it meant we only needed two more points from our final three games to ensure automatic promotion.

 8.     As it’s still only early August, there’s over 3 weeks yet until the transfer window closes. Being realistic (so no, you can’t have Danny Pugh), which player would you love to see Leicester sign?

 I’d like to see a player similar to Karl Henry at Leicester. We have Drinkwater, James, King and Danns, but lack a hard-man in the middle of the field. We’re too ‘nice’ and need an aggressive ball winner.

 9.     And who would you gladly see the back of?

 1) Marko Futacs as he never plays (thank God) and eats up with wage budget. 2) Paul Gallagher, he pulls out a glamour performance one in 10 games but the team drag him along in the other nine.

 10.    Lastly, can I get a score prediction from you? As I’ve now been hit by a wave of optimism after our win over Brighton, I’m going for Leicester 1 Leeds 2.

 I’m thinking 2-2.


Many thanks to @davvros for speaking to us ahead of the game at the King Power stadium on sunday, and good luck for the new season!

23rd Aug2011


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