Warnock,Time To Go?

With chants of “Warnock, time to go” ringing round the Leeds end, and Eddie Gray using the phrase “about as bad as it gets” (and that was only at half time!), it can only be our customary defeat at Oakwell.

Whilst the cries will almost inevitably be for GFH to splash the cash before the end of January, perhaps we should be looking at our Manager instead. Lets get this straight, we’ve just been out fought, and out thought, by Barnsley. A team who are bottom of the league, and currently without a Manager. Leeds fans would be within their rights to question a performance of this ineptitude against one of the top sides in the division, but against the bottom? The team selection for this game, and lets face it, a lot of games recently, was all wrong. Why, why, why are we persisting with Lee Peltier at left back? The only possible reason I can offer is that having made him captain, Warnock feels he has to pick him. Byram is a better right back than him, so he crowbars him in at left back, and pretty much ignores Adam Drury, who, lets not forget, was actually playing regularly at left back in the Premier League last season! Moving inside, how can Warnock justify leaving Tom Lees on the bench? He’s a better defender than either Pearce or Tate. Give me a couple of weeks training and I’d probably be a better defender than Tate…

In midfield, I have no idea what’s happened to Rodolph Austin. Indestructible earlier in the season, he now seems incapable of finding a white shirt. Whether over used, or brought back too early, we seem to have broken him. David Norris seems to fall into the bracket of having one decent game followed by five poor games. A bit like Jonny Howson used to be, just without the goals, skill, or Leeds roots. Michael Tonge and Paul Green are slightly better, they seem to at least have one decent game in three. I’m not even going to mention Luke Varney or Aidy White, neither of them should be anywhere near a Leeds United shirt.

Up front is the only area I feel any sympathy for the players. Becchio is having a fantastic season, and McCormack, with the right service, is a quality player. Diouf has shown his quality in his time with us, but is also capable of going missing.

Throw all this together, and what have you got? A back four that, for all the talk of improving a defence that leaked goals alarmingly under Grayson, really hasn’t improved. Playing players out of position, and picking loan players who are going through the motions is clearly not the answer. Paddy Kisnorbo may not be the player he was, but he would wear his heart on his sleeve, and would at least rally the back four! A midfield that might put in a half decent performance for one game out of every three. The only chink of light in that area is Ross Barkley, and he could foreseeably be gone in 4 weeks. There’s no skill, no width and no pace. If you’re missing that, hard work MIGHT get you out of trouble, at the moment we don’t even have that.

The forwards, as I touched on before, have my sympathy. Lionel Messi would struggle to score if he played in front of our midfield.

So where do we go from here? It seems inconceivable that GFH will let Warnock throw millions around at this point. Salem Patel spoke of the difficulty in doing business in January when the takeover was completed. If GFH are looking towards the summer to invest in the team, is it time to look at the Managers position long term? Neil Warnock has not committed to anything beyond the end of the season, so should GFH be looking at hitting him with an ultimatum? Commit beyond the end of this season, and we will make funds available. If not, a parting of the ways now might make more sense. It would give a prospective new Manager the rest of this season to assess where things are going wrong, and rebuild for another crack next season. If we go down that route though it HAS to be a long term appointment, a young a Manager with fresh ideas and a different footballing philosophy. We cannot afford another short term fix, or we will be having the same discussions in 6/9/12 months time.

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[info]Reporter – Ian Wylie[/info]
  • Elliot

    We need to make a change and fast!



    • Right In The Gary Kelly’s

      If the performances continue to be as that bad the owners would have no option.

  • http://gravatar.com/henryvl henryvl

    NW will never pull this round.
    This team plays without heart or direction and is worse than we were 12 months ago.

  • peter barron

    I’ve said for months NW is too stubborn! Peltier has to go!

  • http://newsnow paul h

    It was ‘Time To Go’ a good few weeks ago…. changes needed NOW !!!
    do us a favour Neil… pack your bags.

    • aussie

      yes Paul,your right

  • http://Nonw Ciaran muldoon

    Shame . Having heard all the transfer roumors and with the takeover I booked my flight from Ireland to see the bristol city game . Thinking I’d see the new mega bucks team with perhaps gradel and. Beckford back Or at least wood from WBA . How silly of me .

  • http://gravatar.com/henryvl henryvl

    On paper our players are probably better than last year, but they cannot play ‘hoofball’.
    Just now, we have sunk from terrible to dreadful.
    Although we are 11th we are the worst ‘football’ team in the league.
    Marlon Harewood played like Messi, against our defence.
    I would play Drury or White at left back, with Tom Lees and Lee Peltier in the middle, and Sam at right back.

  • Jack

    Bring back Simon Grayson, I mean we played our best football since our pl days under him and he has the best win rate since revie! All he needs is backing and time, look at Huddersfield, a midfield full of young talent, young hungry strikers and some reasonable defenders! Give that man some time and money and he’ll build a top rate team

    • AUSSIE


  • Mike

    Neil Warnock has under-estimated the requirements – he has made his job all the more harder with last seasons capitualtion and his comment ‘ you won’t see a team of mine play like that again'(NF 3.7) (let me tell you Neil sitting in the Kop every week I am seeing worse)- Lets face it on paper this team is where we expected it to be, however its reasonable to expect value for money and thats not being had)- I am not a manager but v Hull the other week, everyone new as soon as the team was announced that we would lose (no strikers and 5 defenders and you expect to get points) -that was bad enough but today shows that the plot has been lost with no sign of improvement – We now have the chance to get rid while there is the possibility of a playoff place – I wanted Warnock in myself but clearly its one job too many for him, this is Leeds United Football club what the f*** is going on.

    GFH – Who runs this club -why is BATES still in the programme, if its GFH’s club – why are the BBC still banned from press conferences.

    GFH – try something differant – apologise to the Season Ticket Holders for the absolute drivel we have been watching….. gives 50% off next seasons ticket – bring in a dad and a lad ticket for £15 a family of four for £25 – why is it so difficult – the one thing any manager any player and in fact the 11400 fans v Birmingham want to see is a full Elland Road….. should that not be the starting point…….. get the fans back onside…… get rid of BATES and lets start again – No one in their right mind would spend £30 on a ticket to watch what is currently been served up.

    GFH – Its appreciated that you can not resolve everything in a month – but its time to dangle the carrot before you lose the fans – A generation of potentially new and young Leeds supporters have just about been lost in the last 8 years.

    GFH – Again this is Leeds United Football club – you took on the commitment and now its time to show what you can do.


    • AUSSIE


  • waltherwhite

    5000 fans at the game let Warnock know how they feel, every phone comment on YR was the same, every comment on waccoe are all saying you’ve lost the fans. Time to do the right thing you said if you lost the fans you’d go..you have your answer…

  • http://Orange Maniac

    Bring back Mc Allister and give him a decent budget. We need to get back to playing football. “what is a team, it is a group of people who have the skill, confidence and know how, who work together to achieve an objective. I am not going to go into that shit about the sum greater than the parts and management speak – But, are Bates, Harvey, Haigh, Patel, Warnock and Jones a team. Warnock had proved himself before, so where is it all going wrong?? David Haigh, it is time for the management of the club to take this on board. Do you have a decent team, do you work together, can you achieve your objectives. On this evidence the answer is NO, so what are you going to do about it??

    • andy smith

      totally agree we need somebody who plays football and give them a decent length contract and the backing to take this club forward just look at swansea norwich and wigan

  • http://rightinthegarykellys. Gordon Pinder

    GFH, must act Now! Crowds falling, season tickets due soon. Style of play shocking. We leak goals for fun. NW said if crowd are not with me I will GO. Bye Bye then!

    • AUSSIE


  • Ian Wylie

    The worrying thing for me is that Warnock is now trotting out the same rubbish in post match interviews that Grayson and Blackwell used to spout. Tonight he reckoned we started the second half well, and that a Barnsley player should have been sent off for a challenge on McCormack in the build up to their penalty. He then deflected attention from himself by claiming Becchio’s head wasn’t in the game. As others have said, he promised we would never see a performance like the Forest debacle again. Having been there that night, I actually think some of this seasons performances have been worse!

  • http://gravatar.com/louthwhite louthwhite

    More excuses from Warnock today. The referee again was at fault. Mind you according to the world Neil lives in, we should have won a few weeks ago at Forest also. Our side has gone backwards since Simon Grayson was sacked. The seven goals conceded at Elland Road at home to Forest last season was “not my team”, quoted Neil. Guess what, the 6-1 hammering at home to Watford was “his team”. He sidestepped questions after the game like Messi because he was too uposet to talk about the match as a result of of Rudy Austin’s injury. Fair enough we’ll move on. Neil said “I’m the only man for this job, if I’m honest”. Wrong ! He is like a dinasour and our long ball tactics are more dangerous to piegons in the area than the opposing goal. Sixteen players have arrived under Neil Warnock and this team under his guidance has absolutely no chance of promotion. He can’t be trusted with any more transfer money to add to the arrivals of Hall, Tonge, left back Peltier, Varney etc etc., Sack him now or better still let him walk because he said he would stay until he lost the fans’ support. I believe he has lost it. Personally, I’d love to see Paul Lambert get the Leeds job, but Villa are still hanging on to him. Failing that, give the job to Sean O’Droscoll for th rest of the season. He knows the division, the football would be better to watch and he would arguably get more out of the current crop of players. GFH, do the right thinb and act now. Louth White.

  • Right in the Gary Kelly’s

    It’s rather like a wall of noise looking at the comments above, not a one asking for patience for Warnock.. The goodwill seems to have evaporated fast. ANd its hard to argue against some of the comments above. Directly comparing 2 of your own players (White & Peltier) seems bizarre, then basically suggesting Becchio is being tapped up – and yet he played him? Well not good. Its been a while since we put in a shift as a unit, and Warnock has some serious questions to answer. Can he turn the ship round – or is it about to crash into an iceberg..

  • Right in the Gary Kelly’s

    @Gordon Yes GFH do have it all to do, no wonder Bates wanted to sell! but there is surely something positive inasmuch as we do have some quality players in our team now? If only they’d actually play – and yes i suppose the buck there stops with the gaffer – Come on Neil – show us youve still got it mate!

  • Right in the Gary Kelly’s

    @Jack as much as I liked Grayson we need to go to the `next’ level if and when we see Warnock go. We need someone like a 2nd division version of Roy Hodgson, with an eye for a bargain, and who likes playing football – on the park! Grayson was good but he kind of had a blind spot – defence – remember!!

  • Right in the Gary Kelly’s

    @Maniac – McAllister? Remember Histon! Though I do agree we need to see some football played as opposed to our current NFL approach of trying to find the wide receiver with long balls from the quarterback (sorry but thats what it looks like)

    • Steve

      Histon ? A shitty night where we were on a hiding to nothing ? Mcallister is a miles better manager than warnock who continually denegrates the team, makes continual excuses and plays peopleout of position. We are a friggin disgrace under this man. Get rid now. Utter rubbish

  • Peckers

    Absolutely spot on report.
    Our season is over now – so time to start planning now for next season – without Warnock and without Peltier.

    • Peckers

      Has to be Parkinson’s . . . . . . .

  • KHAN

    Bring in Joe Jordan to the club now – we need his experience and his knowledge of Leeds. Ideally he should come in as a backroom staff member but the way things are going a the moment I for one wouldn’t mind giving him the managers job – he couldn’t do any worse then NW.

    • JDC

      David O’Leary with either Joe Jordan or Gary MacAllister as his number two. Alternatively, take Eddie Gray off his commenting job … his knowledge on how to play football is far superior and he would be far better and more committed to Leeds United than Warnock.

  • Keith

    Out ! .At last people are realising what colin is.
    He stinks the place out.

  • Danny Brown

    Joe Jordan is the man!!

  • Max

    If GFH were in a position to put enough money into the team to pretty much ensure promotion (or at least a top 6 place) the players would have been lined up before the transfer window and with us at the start of the month. Given that we are unlikely to make the playoffs, and will be building for next season, it makes sense to ask Warnock to leave.

    Also, to be realistic, GFH are going to run the club at break-even and maybe put up a little to support cash-flow. I suppose that is better than Bates, who was actively taking money out of the team and spending it on other stuff, or at least it will be when the future revenue that Bates was spending starts coming back to the club.

    Personally I’d happily see Grayson or McAllister back, with the right back room staff. Paul Lambert, if he suddenly becomes available, did a good job at Norwich of pulling together players from the FL. Sean O’Driscoll is at least committed to a passing game, which would suit the current players more than the hoof and hope to a strike force which lacks the pace to even make such a mechanism effective.

    Also, why is the current “technical director” and chief scout, Gwyn Williams, still around? Ex-Chelsea, very much part of the Bates regime and someone willing to slag off outgoing managers (http://www.leeds.vitalfootball.co.uk/article.asp?a=272482) but not to take the blame for our disastrous player acquisition policy, for which he’s meant to be responsible (he’s very happy to take responsibility for finding Snodgrass, Becchio and John Terry, albeit he “found” Terry playing in West Ham’s youth system)? Why isn’t this position held by someone with footballing credibility and commitment to the club, like Eddie Gray, or Gary McAllister? Get the Chelsea out of Leeds – it’s still there.

  • http://leeds alla

    look lets get this right,i for one would get rid of warnock his signings leave a lot to be desired.we have no creative midfielder and definately no hunter at the back,austin has gone missing, bechio really has let publicity go to his head and is miles overated with no pace.wingers create chances with pace and trickery,varney has neither.warnocks signings are abismal and the players being used are inferior to the ones on the bench dont even get me started on peltier ,what a super player he is(not).this squad does have some core players but lets not believe for one moment it is good enough for the play offs.get two fast tricky wide men ,a forward who can win balls in the air and hold the ball up,and a centre half with guts who tells the defence how to organise.get rid of warnock now and get a manager that actually has leeds in his heart and has not in the past stated leeds and its fans are scum.reallity check we are in a mess but with these additions fans will come back and follow the whites,sorry i would always use the phrase mighty whites but i feel that lighty whites would be more appropriate.by the way max your spot on if lambert comes available its a no brainer get him in hes a young ambitious manager who will come available because its a results game and he did not have enough experience for premiere league but would shine at leeds with his footballing philophosy.sorry about doom and gloom but i breath leeds and cannot accept warnocks excuses any more .new manager fresh owners fresh start lets play FOOTBALL.

  • Mattbb2

    Max, I tend to agree with much of what you say here. It is time for a ‘new broom to sweep clean,’ there should be full review of scouting, player acquisitions, and youth teams. The business structure didn’t work under bates bit player recruitment and devlopment was also under funded. I suspect from warnocks post match that we are due 2 signings this week. 1 more dire tirnout though and they mat be playing for a new manager

  • Chareose

    Beyond anything else we need to play attractive football if you have any chance of turning round this malaise…..Thats good bye to Neil WArnock right there….

    I stated on here and TSS that massive change was required after the Shefeild WEdnesday incident with the idiot running on the pitch….. For me you could see the heads drop, the fans were demoralized…. Look this club needs a complete REBRANDING, new vibrant manager with a long term plan, a return to playing good football, an all out push to develop youth football. An intelligent plan to encourage the lost generations back to leeds united….. GFH have got a big job to do….and unfortunately there lack of personal motiovation or understanding is holding them back from being decisive….

  • Chareose

    Also on the point about Gary Mcalister, i too feel he wasnt given enough time…. He was the guy who found Snodgrass and Becchio….. The odd thing is I think in the past we have been quick to get on managers backs with both Grayson and McAlister being victims of Bates regime but Warnock feels a different case….I think we all realise its just too aimless and tactics out dated

  • m fryer

    i hope we get beat 7 0 on teusday, this may convince our new owners to get rid of warnock,he can buy all the players he needs but nothing will change because he does not play pass and move football, when can fans get this through their heads. most of our players are ok maybe we need more pace but no movement no results, complete shambles