15th Apr2014
Matt Smith

Leeds United’s Footballing Philosophy – Starring Matt Smith

I learned from @LUFCDATA that with 242 headers, Matt Smith has won the most aerial duels in the Championship this season. Hardly a surprising stat considering; A)...

10th Apr2014

Neil Ross Interview

Those who read last weeks blog will know that in voicing the opinions of those who watch the games, the parents and some of the disillusioned girls...

10th Apr2014

Doctor Cellino to Cure Footballs Sick Club

All that’s rotten at the core of Leeds United came out as GFH released the accounts for 2012-13 for Leeds United. A Club they bought midway through...

09th Apr2014
Support The Leeds United Ladies at Elland Road

Support The Leeds United Ladies at Elland Road

This coming Sunday the girls come home to play a crucial league fixture against Blackburn at Elland Road. Tickets are priced at £4 for adults and £2...

09th Apr2014
Right in the Gary Kelly's Podcast - 'The Italian Job'

Right In The Gary Kelly’s Podcast – ‘The Cellino Job’

With so much going at Leeds United since January (most of it not good) it’s been hard to keep up for most Leeds fans. Was David Haigh...

06th Apr2014

Leeds United Ladies in Cup Despair

On a cold Tuesday night at the West Riding HQ the Ladies lost the County Cup final 3-1 to local rivals Bradford in a combative game that thrilled and disappointed...

04th Apr2014
What next for these Leeds United players?

What next for these Leeds United players?

With TOMA 4.0 drawing to a close, there isn’t any great need for more literature on the subject at the moment. Football blogs traditionally have no need...

03rd Apr2014
McDermott - That Joke isn't funny anymore

McDermott – That Joke isn’t funny anymore

After witnessing his sides eighteenth defeat of the season on Tuesday night, Brian McDermott called suggestions he should resign from Leeds United as a joke. From a...

31st Mar2014
Bates Bates or Cellino – Who do you trust?

Bates or Cellino – Who do you trust?

You don’t get much bigger scoops as an internet radio station than (unsolicited) and potentially libellous telephone interviews with Ken Bates and Massimo Cellino. Listening to what...

27th Mar2014

Leeds United Academy Named in Top 10 – Time to use it!

It’s been an interesting few weeks to be a Leeds fan. It’s almost like we can’t really enjoy M*n Utd’s demise. One thing that remains consistent though,...