We begin our first in the series of “Why Leeds United is my club”. We ask a Leeds fan from around the globe that question amongst others relating to why Leeds United means so much to them.

We are pleased to welcome Svend Karlsen as our first guest in the series, Svend is the editor of Scandinavian Leeds United magazine “The Peacock News”and is a Life long Leeds United fan from Norway. Svend can be found on Twitter and you can find out more about him here.

Here is why Leeds United is Svends club…

Why Support Leeds United?

Coincidence, I guess. My best friend in kindergarden supported Leeds United as his father was the founder of our Scandinavian supporters club branch. So when I was 9 years old, our families travelled together to Leeds and I fell in love at first sight. Leeds beat Wimbledon 4-0 and we got to meet the players the next day as my friend’s dad was making interviews for the magazine. It’s the same mag I today am the editor of.

All time favorite Goal?

How do I choose? I’ll say one I was present at; when Paul Robinson came up as goalkeeper and in the final minute headed in the equalizer in the League Cup in the 03/04-season. It was an insane moment, a crazy goal and I remember only flashes before finding myself five or six rows down from where I was originally stood.

Greatest Moment?

Again, a moment I was there to witness myself – the win at Old Trafford on January 3rd. Hardly needs describing. Wish I was there when we got promoted in May, though – that would possibly have topped it.

Lowest Moment?

I try to forget about these things, you know. Getting relegated to League One with the pitch invasion home to Ipswich was perhaps the lowest point? But also when we lost the playoff-final against Watford it felt like rock bottom.

Favorite Game?

Although I wasn’t there, I think the day we got promoted must be it. The ‘drama of the underdog’, the spirit of Bremner – going down 1-0, getting a player sent off – and then winning 2-1 after having Leeds-boy Howson coming on to get one of the goals, just makes it perfect. It could make a great movie script, especially when you consider the bad years we’ve come from.

Best away team you’ve witnessed play at Elland Road?

Several of the games in the Champions League season springs to mind, perhaps especially Barcelona, but of the games I’ve been to myself I’ll have to say Arsenal in 2004. They, fronted by Henry, hammered us.

How would you describe the last 10 years of the club fortunes?

I’ve thought to myself on so many occasions: “What did we ever do to deserve this?”. I mean, why did us? It’s been Murphy’s law up until last season, and I’ve tried to find out what we did that made Karma put us through all the bad years. Other clubs have done mistakes, but no-one has been as punished as we have. Most of all it comes down to being punished for the massacre of a running of the club, from a certain mr Ridsdale and his board.  Many think it about the waves caused above the waterline, but one forget about the stream and power below the waterline that causes it. It wasn’t a big wave; it was a tsunami.

Somma or Becchio?

Tricky question. Whatever you chose, make sure you don’t play them together. They have different qualities but don’t seem to match each other. I reckon Becchio’s contribution to the team is higher at the moment.

And finally if you could pick any player that has ever wore the white jersey in the clubs history to play today who would it be?

Billy Bremner. Because we desperately need a central midfielder who can boss both his own team and the opponent in today’s situation, and secondly, because I never got to see him play in real life.

A big thanks to Svend for been our first contributor to  RITGK new series. If you would like to take part please contact us here..

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    Paul Robinson’s goal was one of the best headers I’ve ever seen. Strikers would be proud of that finish.