White Rejects New Contract

The Yorkshire Evening Post today has reported emerging academy talent Aidan White has rejected the clubs offer of a new contract extension.

Aidan has excelled this season in the first team and has impressed many pundits alike with his performances. Club sources have confirmed he is interested in staying with the club but is awaiting the clubs second offer before signing a new deal. Aidan is now the clubs second player to now reject new offers this season with Leeds United Captain Jonny Howson also rejecting a new deal.

If the club have ambitions of securing Premiership football next season it is vitally important we do so with our best young players. With the loss of Jermaine Beckford and Bradley Johnson in similar circumstances the club and fans will be hoping White and Howson don’t follow.

Reporter Matthew Mckeith

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  • http://www.facebook.com/petterandre.d.johansson Petter-Andre Dølplads Johansson

    Naturally the players should get what they deserve. But I have to say – it is the managers and the director of the club that should consider what they deserve. I’m not excusing Mr. Bates – I am pointing to an obvious fact about running a company. You don’t get to dictate to your CEO or your COO what you deserve as a salary. They look at your achievments, and then they decide whether or not your’e supposed to get a raise.

    Im a big fan of Aidy, but come on… If he’s not satisfied with how the manager and the Chariman valuates his contribution or skills, then he should to one of two things. Sign up and work even harder to become a better professional, or accept that they have different opinions and that it might be wise for him to try to move on.

  • Bubiónwhite

    Is this an example of another Leeds lad showing his loyalty to the club who have invested heavily in their development and progress? Or, is it just normal practice as is the norm between employers and unions where posturing from both sides eventually leads to an agreement or is it knee jerking from the media to any news that emanates from Elland Road. The club should pay all their players relative to their experience, current ability, future potential and then within the limits of the club’s abilty to pay and maintain proper financial controls … at the same time, their contracts should not be negotiated through the press / media where negotiations become something akin to blackmail. I also seem to remember that we’ve tried the other route where we paid outrageous salaries and transfer fees which proved to be unsustainable and look where we ended up … League 1 and in dire straights and I would recommend that all steps are taken to ensure we don’t return to those dark days.

    “Is it time that Ken Bates and the board offered the clubs stand out players contracts they deserve” … of course it is, but who decides who they are? Their agents, the supporters? Up to being injured, Andy Lonergan was outstanding, Adam Clayton has been oustanding, Aidy White and Tom Lees have been superb and have shown their massive potential, the difference here is that one has already signed his extension and one is still negotiating. I’m also sure many others also believe they should be paid more than they are … but so do nurses and many more public and private sector workers and look what their employers have said.