Neil Warnock to Leeds United

‘Warnock in’ I hear you say. Is that who the Leeds United fans really want? He may have an excellent record in getting teams promoted out of the lower divisions, however his record in the EPL is not good enough.His time at Sheffield United ended in tears, regardless of the Carlos Tevez affair. Overall the Blunts were not strong enough over the thirty-eight games and his ex employees QPR are hovering above the relegation zone half way through the season.

When he left the Blades he relocated to his summer residence in Cornwall and was quoted as saying he would have one more crack at management. Crystal Palace came knocking and he took the reins at Selhurst Park. During his time at Palace, Warnock was adamant the Palace job would be his last in football but the lure of a sleeping mega rich club QPR came calling and the rest they say is history.

Many Leeds fans wanting Grayson axed and Warnock in seem to have short term memories. He was a hate figure at Elland Road and I remember his unprofessional attitude on the side of the pitch after thumping Kevin Blackwell’s Leeds United Four – Nil. He was the pantomime villain that evening and as a diehard Blade fan he has never shied away from expressing his loathe for Leeds United.

Another reason why Neil Warnock would not be welcomed at Elland Road is the fact that he is not shy on bringing unwanted attention to himself, the club and his players. I’m sorry but we already have an outspoken figure at Leeds United and as we are all aware he also isn’t one to shy away from unnecessary controversy.

We’ve always been behind Simon Grayson here at Right in the Gary Kelly’s and will continue to do so. We don’t believe in calling for a manager’s head at the first time in his three years at the club we are going through a mini crisis.

Let’s take into consideration what Simon Grayson has achieved at the club and what resources he has had to work from. Can you honestly sit there and say the manager needs to go? If anything Grayson should be assessed at the end of the season. If his time has come then so be it but the appointment of Neil Warnock to Leeds United is not the answer.

Reporter Matthew Mckeith

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  • Trevor

    But it’s not ‘Grayson’s first crisis in three years’, is it? He has one for half a season, every season. No sign of mistakes being heeded, no style of play and very little evidence of tactical inspiration from the manager.

    • Right in the Gary Kelly’s

      I think we are all quick to call on the managers head every bad result and it has seemed to be the norm this season. Its all down to expectations Mr Chairman has set him this season and we are all expecting promotion. All teams go through bad spells and your right we have been through one each season he has been in charge. None of them have been on the same level as this one though. As ive stated, give him till the end of the season at least and by the looks of things Bates appears to be doing the same.

    • Don1919

      Spot on, Grayson may be handicapped by Bates refusal to spend but his unerring capacity to pay for incapable players and let better one’s depart coupled with his failure to address the screaming weakness in the United defence makes him unfit. Warnock may be an arse (he almost certainly is) but he would probably get us promoted

  • Tim

    RITG is right – the reason we all expect promotion this season is because (while we gave Grayson extra breathing space after Speed’s death) Bates decided to say we need promotion this year.

    The bare-faced cheek of saying that after spending £7million on the side of a stadium we don’t own (and can’t fill) and being the head of the team that cocked-up (manufactured?) the BJ contract-saga and Kilkenny signing, and Frazer Richardson re-signing (yes we forgot about that one didn’t we…), and both Montgomery and Eustace because they tried their luck by asked for a raise in the 11th hour, and probably countless others we’ve never heard about…

    That shouldn’t take away from the fact that Grayson’s sides go through extended bad patches for half a season at a time. All teams have ups and downs, but we seem to have the longest downs (out of decent clubs) in the league…

    With Warnock? I’d welcome him. Sure he’s a hate figure and he despises Leeds – he should fit in just swell with Kenneth Bates and his old mate Dennis Wise, etc.

    Also don’t agree with reading into Warnock needing a big prize to woo him to Leeds. There’s a certain type of meddling man who will profess his desire to retire and then never will do – they’re the ones who tend to end up as managers and political leaders, etc. He was making complementary noises about Leeds last season when QPR went up and it looked like he might get the sack before even being given a game in the Premiership.

    Sure he’s a flawed record. But everyone has – even Red-nose at Scum.

  • Mohammed

    I think warnock would be great he knows what hes doing for the whole season

  • Benson

    Neil Warnock F**K *** , If he be came manager LEEDS UNITED I would put my season ticket in the bin!!!.

    Please give Grayson till end of the season he will get it right.

  • jolls

    We don’t believe in calling for a manager’s head at the first time in his three years at the club we are going through a mini crisis.

    I wouldn’t say that ,from the scumchester win up until the last game of the season the season we last got promoted we were awful imo.If it hadn’t been for the second half comeback against Bristol rovers i think we would have been in trouble.I doubt we would have won the playoffs that season with the way we played in the months leading up to them.

  • only1jimmy

    I fully support Grayson and think sacking him now would achieve very little. If things continue to deteriorate, the time for him to go is around 4 or 5 games before the end of the season. That way the newly incoming manager can assess his squad before the summer transfer window.

    I like Warnock, but when he’s in charge of other clubs. No doubt he’s a character, like him or not he brings a certain level of personality to the game which is lost on the likes of Paul Lambert.

    If – and it’s a big if – we can pull in a centre mid and centre half, I’m convinced it really could make all the difference in our fortunes. Then all the fickle fans will be lauding Larry G, so hold your horses with calls for Warnock, or anyone else for that matter.

  • speedythewhite

    Errr dont want warnock but cant remember his blunts team winning 4 nil. Pulis Stoke team did and K**n** sunderland team did. We drew 1 all with Sheff U that season. A worldly from Frazer Richardson for starters. Then “warnock warnock whats the score?” he points to his watch and gets sent off. Steve Kabba then equalised.


  • Macca007

    Lets all try and wake up. We are in a worse position than 7 years ago, no quality in the team, a diminishing fan base, increased ticket prices preying on the DNA in each Leeds supporter and in turn weakening the heartbeat that was so strong, no knowledge of what is going on at the club

    The latter fills me with increasing anxiety, the same old messages often dressed up in such a manner to deflect away from the smoke and mirrows that exits within a once great club. We are probably classed as a big club off the field by many but on the park we are no more than average with promotion credentials being nothing other than propaganda – look at the Lorimer statement on Delph and subsequent media releases as a prime example – and now we read Grayson wont be rushed into signings (if indeed he is still an employee)

    I have a £633 season ticket application and am seriously considering why I should pay premiership prices in order to basically reimburse the historic administration losses…..apologies but having followed Revies boys and been in Paris for the great silverware robbery I find the whole situation terribly depressing

  • Newthornley

    It would be good to see Gus Poyet as manager. It was him and not Dennis Wise who led the team before and he did very well up until he left.
    As has already been said Simon Grayson is a very poor tactician and not a great judge of player ability. He certainly has had a lot to compete with in terms of having to cope with the Ken Bates regime but I believe other mangers could have done better in the same circumstances.
    Gus Poyet has more potential, as he has already proved at Brighton, and there is already the experience of knowing something of the setup at Leeds.
    I cant see things changing at the moment unless SG brings in the right players. Why are we looking at attacking players rather than defensive ones. Has he lost the plot?

  • lufc

    You talk about warnock having a bad record in the EPL, at least we would have a chance of getting in the EPL… Grayson needs to go now, we are not going to go any further forward under his management, I feel he has done his best and taken us as far as he can, most of you leeds fans need to wake up, you like grayson because he’s a leeds fan and was on the books as a player, that doesn’t mean he is going to get us promoted. I want the best thing for leeds united. And I think that is neil warnock! MOT

  • AD

    I really can’t believe my ears? (well my eyes I suppose I am reading it) Neil Warnock at Elland Road? It would be a bigger embargo than Clough. I rate him as a manager, especially in the championship. But as a Leeds fans, I despise the bloke. He has slandered Leeds a plenty in the past. Why would we want him? Grayson has the heart, he’s a Leeds fan! He may lack in areas & I think the regime at Leeds needs to change at higher level than the manager. Maybe, & sadly, we won’t be reliving the Revie era with Larry, but hey it’s better than having an old blades fan at our helm.

  • Ilkleywhite.

    Guys, sacking Simon Grayson and bringing in Neil Warnock at this stage of the season would be a disaster, unless of course it is used as an excuse why we didn’t get promoted, to be honest in three seasons I think SG has done well, and what he has got to work with? No white knights as at QPR, City or even Blackburn, we keep hearing from Bates about the “treasure chests” and “money is there if you need it”, well get real, it isn’t, it’s just a con to get you to part with your hard earned cash, my season ticket renewal landed on my doormat this morning, it’s the middle of January another four months of the season left, and already he is after the dosh, The days of players “queuing up to join Leeds United” are long gone, football is a mercenary game, the players are in it for the money, they go to where the better offers are, of course they do, or they go to the premiership, where the money goes with the territory, a la Bradley Johnson or Beckford or Delph, we will sell any promising players in the next transfer window, expect, Clayton, Snoddy, Howson, McCormack and others to leave in the summer, the excuse will be used that the club couldn’t renegotiate, so we “had to sell” we will replace them with out of contract players loan signings and has beens, and let’s face it, we haven’t any money available to stay in the Premiership even if we get there, can you honestly see Bates paying an average wage of £60 grand a week to a squad of 18 or so premiership players, on the chance that we might stay in the prem, no chance, he would be thinking that the parachute payments would enable us to have a good team in the Championship, and to make a profit for his “investment” and remember for all his bluster, Bates cannot afford for Leeds to get promoted just yet, I seem to think there is a payout to the creditors if we go up to the premiership, and this has a time constraint on it, and the constraint ends next year, so he will hype on about if you want a premier club you need to pay for it, and raking in the money, with no intention of investing in the team, just hotels in Beeston and a stand that we don’t own, I have to ask would you build an extension on a house you were renting? thought not, why has Bates.

  • Henry.

    We do not have a lot to offer a new manger.
    He would have the same budget as Simon, so will have to work with our squad, plus loanees.
    He may have a better idea on who to bring in on loan?
    I cannot see us finishing above 12th this year.
    Let’s be honest – we don’t deserve top 6 on this season’s form, do we?
    The whole feeling, in and around the club, is wrong just now!!
    Since the ‘morons’ incident the disenchantment has grown.
    Attendances dropping!!
    Too many promises/ lies!
    The transfer window fiasco!! Getting a little embarrassing!!
    We NEED something to change and lift the club!
    We need HOPE!!

  • Bubiónwhite

    Neil Warnock? In the event that SG is about to be sacked and the club are lining up a new manager, I can only hope that the only consideration that Warnock would get is to ensure he is in captivity somewhere in deepest Cornwall and in possession of a “restraining order” making it illegal to be found within 200 miles of any Yorkshire border.

    Like RITGK, I have been a fan of SG but ot in his coaching team and would suggest that he shows a little bit more ruthlessness in this direction and rids himself of Mr Snodin and his cronies and brings in a proven coaching team … Don Revie had Les Cocker and David O’Leary had Roy Aitken / Brian Kidd.

  • dewsbury whites

    people are quick to blame grayson , give him a break . all his best players are sold with or without his consent , money is used for ground improvements instead of players . what do you expect from him . blood ! . warnock is a sheff utd pig who hates us as much as we hate him , long ball football here we come !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kane baker

    grayson is shocking! stood in his technical area alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll season scratching his head. anyone ever seen him sat down! what does he do on the training field? loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooog ball!

  • Trevor George

    Still only one person who could get us up and beyond. He has taken 3 teams up without failure. If you disagree with me now. That’s ok but talk to the man first and you might change your mind. I would love mr bates to do the same and talk to him and let him sort out our players. Our next manager should be KEVIN KEEGAN!!!. No matter what people may think of him he has had so much success at bringing teams up. Newcastle, Fulham and Man City. Yes there was money to spend but he took over Newcastle (seond time) Had nothing to spend yet he managed to do wonders with the poor team he inherited. Warnock would not stand a chance against Keegan in my eyes.

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