16th Oct2013

Revolutionary Boardroom Shake Up at Leeds?

There’s been something of a muted response from Leeds fans with the news that LUST may be at least one of the potential investors in the club...

09th Oct2013

The Football Blogging Awards – Vote For Us

On the pitch, Leeds United seems to be losing more than winning recently so we have decided to try and change our fortunes, albeit off the pitch....

07th Oct2013

Five Reasons to be Optimistic About Leeds United

The critics are furiously reloading their guns, firing ruthlessly at everyone and anyone connected to Leeds United. McDermott to GFH, Ross McCormack to James Varley it’s just...

05th Oct2013

Derby Ram Leeds for the Tenth Time

I’m sure many of us felt that our midweek win at home to Bournemouth merely covered up Leeds United’s frailties, todays result however, they were all on...

02nd Oct2013

Leeds manage to pick off ten Cherries to secure three points

Everyone should know by now that watching Leeds is never easy and today epitomised that. A hard fought 2-1 against 10 men will see fans leaving the...

30th Sep2013

David Norris – Frozen Out

Without doubt Leeds United must have the biggest glut of central midfielders in our division, the only problem is, around half of them are struggling to get...

27th Sep2013

Leeds United’s Unforgiven

The Dirty Dozen (well Nine) Betrayal.. The destruction of trust, an act so cold, callous and thoughtless that it sears your very heart and soul.. Shakes your...

26th Sep2013
Leeds Need that finishing touch..

Strikers to Consider for Leeds United

Leeds Need that Finishing touch  As Leeds’ goalscoring slump continues Jake Ross considers some loan options that our Manager might like to consider? And one permanent signing...

26th Sep2013

McDermott – More Style And Substance Required

We are delighted to welcome Chris Taylor to make his debut for Right in the Gary Kelly’s. Chris is the stats man behind the popular @LUFCDATA who are the...

25th Sep2013
McDermott Speaks the Truth (Again)

McDermott Speaks the Truth (Again)

In a week that’s seen Paolo di Canio handed his P45 after an open revolt from a bunch of disgruntled Sunderland players, it might be time to...